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I looked up to my big sister.  She was smart, adventurous and always got what she wanted.  When we were little she always got me into trouble executing her "marvelous" ideas like the time we crawled between the openings in the basement steps like a snake.  It was fun until she got stuck and we had to call the fire department to get her out.  Or the time she put me into the clothes dryer... I rolled around  on the "fluffy" cycle and my hair hasn't been the same since.

Aside from her crazy antics, mother made us wear the same look-alike dresses.  I hated looking like a little version of my big sister in the same dress. 

As we got older, I changed my mind.  I wanted to wear everything she owned.  She was cool, beautiful, winning beauty pageants, the belle of the cotillion and everyone's prom date. It took high espionage talent and sacrifice to get into her closet.  I gave up hot showers to make sure she got out the house first.  As soon as she turned the corner to get on the school bus, the closet raid was on! Everything would have to be back in place before she made it home or else I'd face "certain death".  When caught she'd scream and shout like on of Cinderella's evil step sisters.

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is to provide high-quality, affordable fashions for woman that desire to celebrate the power and magic of global sisterhood.

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As we grew into adulthood, she developed a more generous and forgiving spirit.  I was amused when I discovered she was handing out my business cards claiming to be me.  But, I was truly moved when she gave me - her little sister - my own - original dress that she designed.  I affectionately call it... My Sister's Dress.


My Sister's Dress in now presented to all who appreciate the special bond of sisterhood, in all of its nuances.

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